Nicolai Habla

Hi! My name is Nicolai Habla and I am a concept developer, digital producer and Digital Media Creative student at Hyper Island in Sweden. I was born in Port Vila, Vanuatu, in the South Pacific but now based out of the charming bike city of Copenhagen.

You will catch me in my element navigating teams through the chaotic creative process. I like to be hands on and involved in all aspects of a project from strategy, ideation, UX, design, client relations to the final pitch to the client.

I have a Bachelor in Communications from Griffith University, Australia, and graduate of Reklamelinjen and Multimedia Design at Copenhagen School of Design & Technology.

As a kid I grew up building sandcastles, treehouses and LEGO forts. Now I ply my creative trade by problem solving, spitting out ideas on Post-Its and connecting the blocks.

I am on the never-ending quest to create the perfect formula for creating effective teams that spit out awesome work. I am a digital enthusiast, idea generator, team facilitator, and a student of life with an endless curiosity to learn.